F17B10 Native Americans and the European Settlement of the Northeast

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Dates:October 18 - November 15, 2017
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While the European States of Holland, Spain, France and England competed for control of the New World, established Native American tribes worked to resist the invasion and protect their lands. While the American Revolution is traditionally seen as the war of American independence, for those on the developing Colonial frontier, their interaction with various established tribes shaped their survival and their success in what they saw as a new land filled with new opportunities. We will look at the period from initial European settlement through the American Revolution as that time illustrates the changing place of Native Americans in the history of the Northeast. Tribal groups discussed will include the Iroquois League consisting of the Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga and the Mohawk of New York and the Powhatan Confederacy of eastern Virginia. Historic events discussed will include the 1622 Virginia massacre, the Beaver Wars, French and Indian War, and the Native American involvement in the American Revolution.

Instructor: LLI member Clarence Geier is a retired Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at JMU. A historical archaeologist, he and his students have worked at numerous Civil War battlefields in Virginia. Dr. Geier is the senior editor of five books on the archaeology of military sites and the historical archaeology of the American Civil War.


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