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Adult Mental Health (Recovered Backup)

This training is presented in a classroom setting with large and small group discussion. The training facilitators, who have experience in adult mental health, will lead you through the steps to recognize women and families at risk, develop a plan for referral, and support families with mental health and/or substance use disorders. This is one of the core training modules for early childhood home visitors.


As a result of this training, home visitors will:

1. Identify different types of mental health disorders, particularly perinatal depression, and understand how trauma, abuse and/or violence affect a person's mental health.

2. Recognize behaviors that indicate strengths as well as dysfunction in an individual and in family members.

3. Identify their personal feelings and stigmas associated with mental health disorders and how these beliefs impact the families with whom they work.

a. Perceptions of stigma and societal views of mental health disorders
b. Feelings and concerns individuals have when they have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder
c. Develop sensitivity for individuals with mental health disorders.

4. Recognize how mental health dysfunction and/or substance use can affect a parent's ability to parent a child.

a. The challenges mental health disorders and/or substance use presents for the individual
b. The impact of parental mental health disorder and substance use on the family

5. Recognize behaviors and symptoms in adults that may indicate a need for referral to a mental or behavioral health professional.

6. Develop positive strategies to use when interacting with individuals and families affected by mental health disorders and substance use.

7. Identify strategies that are effective in engaging participants in the referral process for mental and behavioral health treatment.

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