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Alliance Training Series 4

A story can inspire, engage and motivate! We all love stories and grew up enthralled with fairy tales, sharing campfire stories and adoring Disney and Pixar movies. A story is your most important communication tool because it can move people to action. It's the secret weapon that can inspire a donor to give, engage a new volunteer, intrigue a journalist or motivate your staff to embrace a new initiative.

Most organizations have dozens, if not hundreds of stories waiting to be told - stories of clients who have a new lease on life, stories of volunteers who love your organization, and stories of passionate staff members who are improving your community. A well-written powerful story will showcase your organization's impact. Your goal is for readers to remember your story and retell it many times.

Instructor: Dena Reynolds, M.S., Principal and Owner of RVA Communications, is a Public Relations Consultant for nonprofits to help them increase their awareness in the community. She works to land media coverage for clients, deliver creative communication strategies and train teams in effective public relations tactics.

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