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ColdFusion MX Level 2

Students will retrieve information from a database and display it on a Web page, enable drill-down functionality through which users can view detailed information on demand, display subsets of data through a record set navigation system, enable database-driven searching capabilities, and add email sending features to your Web site. The target student for this course is someone who has added dynamic features to their Web site using ColdFusion MX and is looking to connect their Web site to a database. They are someone who will be developing their own solutions rather than using off-the-shelf components, someone who might be familiar with another programming language, or someone who has used UltraDev to develop their ColdFusion solutions. It is likely that their primary job responsibility is creating Web pages. ColdFusion 5.0 Professional: Level 2 introduces you to ColdFusion forms, URL parameters and explains how to validate request data. This course also introduces Web based drill-down interfaces and the implementation of them. In addition, you'll learn how to build dynamic forms and SQL statements. It assumes a knowledge of basic CFML, use of ColdFusion Studio, and how to access and display database content in your Web pages. Students will examine an existing ColdFusion application, and then create one like it by learning and implementing an assortment of skills, both new and old. They will create a drill-down interface, work with action pages and forms, and integrate new CFML tags into their applications. Anyone who has some basic working knowledge of HTML and CFML coding, and who wishes to expand their ColdFusion-related skill set is a perfect candidate to take this course.

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