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A4 What's Part of Both Ancient and Modern History?

Description: Where do ancient history and modern history stand side by side? The answer is found in the traditional Cradles of Civilization. This course will focus on four geographical and historical arenas: Mesopotamian Civilization, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (modern Middle East); Egyptian Civilization, along the Nile River (modern Egypt); Indus Valley (Harrapan) Civilization, along the Indus River (modern India); and Yellow River Civilization, along the Hwang Ho (Yellow) River (modern China). While the main concentration will be on the ancient history of each region, we will also attempt to link the origins of each civilization with modern news headlines. Note: since ancient history is the fastest changing area of historical investigation, its dates should often be viewed as approximations.

Instructor: Dorothy A. Boyd-Bragg is Emerita Professor of History, JMU. She received her Ph.D. from Temple University; M.A. from Ohio State University; and the M.A.T. from Temple University.


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