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B11 A Matter of Balance

This course will consist of five presentations on current topics in health and medicine. Each class period will have videos to watch before class and some optional enrichment reading. The five topics are 1.) Type I, Type I.5 and Type II diabetes: The role of the immune system and glycemic index in each type; 2.) Personalized genomic medicine: How understanding our DNA is changing healthcare; 3.) Epigenetics: Why you are what your grandmother ate; 4.) Aging well: Who doesn't want a bigger hippocampus, longer telomeres, and a more youthful epigenome; and 5.) Understanding your medical tests: What are all those abbreviations and what do they mean? This course is not intended to diagnose any medical conditions but to provide you with information to help you better understand your own health and to better discuss your healthcare with your physician.

Instructor: LLI member Anne Henriksen is Faculty Emerita at James Madison University, where she was a professor in the Integrated Science and Technology Department for 19 years. She received a PhD in chemical physics from UVA, and an MBA in management science from the University of New Mexico. She has spent the last seven years studying neuroscience, neuropharmacology, genomics, and bioinformatics.


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