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F18A25 Singing for Better Breathing

How can singing improve your breathing? Everyone who sings knows that singing helps your mental health. Studies are now showing that singing can improve your breathing too! People with asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis and other general or age-related breathing problems will learn practices that can positively impact their breathing.

Come experience ….

Activity - Gentle, chair-based movements, breathing activities and simple songs
Connection - Receive support and share your journey
Learning - Fun ways to keep the brain working (and it makes you more confident!)
Mindfulness - Consider the beauty in and around you, and become better at savoring the moment.
Utilizing techniques learned during my Internship in ARTS & HEALTH in the United Kingdom - a field studied and practiced there for over 15 years - as well as methods applied throughout my 30 years of working with choir members, this class will offer techniques that can equip you to breathe better now and in the future.

**Note: Please don't allow the cost to keep you from enrolling. If you are interested, contact LLI for scholarship information.

***Note: If you are interested but the class time is not convenient, please contact the instructor as other offerings are eminent! SCHULZKD@dukes.JUM.EDU

Instructor: Denise Schulz, is a graduate student in the JMU School of Music. After many years as a Minister of Music, she has come back to concentrate her study on the senior voice in the emerging field of Arts & Health.

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