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F18B1 Climate Chage's Many Dimensions: Scientific, Economic, Political, and Moral

Some are concerned about climate change; others are dismissive. Who's right? What does science have to say on the matter? If Earth is warming, what role does carbon dioxide play? Can scientists predict what will happen? Where will the greatest impacts be? Why is political consensus harder to achieve than scientific consensus? What are the implications for our nation's energy policy and economy? Will the solution be worse than the problem? Is climate change humankind's greatest moral dilemma? We'll explore these questions and more.

Instructors: Dave Pruett is an applied mathematician and computational scientist, an emeritus professor of mathematics at JMU, and the author of Reason and Wonder: A Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit. Les Grady draws from his long career as an environmental engineer and scientist in academia and industry, and from years of climate change study, to offer clear, graphic explanations and insights into the "The Many Dimensions of Climate Change."

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