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F18T2 JMU Mineral Museum & Science on a Sphere & John C. Wells Planetarium

Tour Begins at 12:10 p.m. at Memorial Hall, 395 S. High Street, Route 42

Come view three visual delights in one afternoon. 

Parts one and two, the Mineral Museum and the Sphere, are located in Memorial Hall and connected by a short hallway. 

The Mineral Museum features 600 crystal and gemstone specimens from around the world: (1) Systematic Collection arranged by chemistry and structure; (2) Locality Collections from Elmwood, TN and Virginia; and (3) Fluorescent Mineral Display from Franklin & Sterling Hill, NJ, glowing under ultraviolet light.  The collection began in 1976 under the curation of Dr. Lance E. Kearns; although retired, he will be available for questions and comments during the viewing. 

Developed by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Science On a Sphere (SOS) uses computers and projectors to display data onto a 68 inch diameter sphere.  JMU was the first university to install SOS and is one of a few universities to use it as a teaching tool in university courses.  Christy Bradford, from JMU Office of Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, will operate the Sphere for us, presenting dramatic, global views depicting weather and scientific wonders – hurricane development, sea currents, cloud movements, etc.  You may park in a visitor spot in front of the building, or on Grace or Willow Street, south or west of the building.  Enter Memorial Hall via entrance E on the south side.  View the Minerals in room 6139 from 12:10 to 12:40, the Sphere in room 6110 from 12:45 to 1:30.  

Then promptly travel to the John C. Wells Planetarium (Miller Hall, room 1103) and get seated by 2 p.m., to secure a spot for a 2:15 show. 
Head east on Grace Street, cross Main Street, and park in the Grace or Mason Street parking garage -- IF you are not lucky enough to get one of the six spaces in lot B, just past Miller Hall.  Enter the building via the north entrance.
Easy - minimal walking and a few stairs.

Register by September 14 with the LLI office. Free to LLI members.

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