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Symbology and its Use in Dream Interpretation

I will use the book 'Man and His Symbols' as a reference point. I would like participants to read the book and to especially have access to the section about dreams by Marie Louise Van France. I will use her material and other materials as a structural reference for the dreams, covering such material each week as Introduction to Dreams, Archetype, Unconscious, Shadow, Self, Animus and Anima, Conclusions. This will be an experiential workshop type course, working with the dreams of the participants. We will reference associations of the dreamer, as well as archetypal material, to better explain the dream references for the dreamers attending. References from the dreamers that connect with religion, cultural references, current challenges and above all else what the dreamer's unconscious is bringing to the dreamer that is helping/hindering in the way of becoming in tune with themselves. We will look into the dream and look for the lyses of the dream, where the energy in the dream is going, at the end to find some resolution/encouragement, suggestions of a way of going forward. Art work, mandala, scribbles and doodles, stick figures about the dream will all be used in the play of the dream. No art excellence needed in this course.


Rose Longworth, is a Licensed Professional Counsellor for the past eighteen years. She is a Certified MARI Teacher and has worked with dreams, symbology, mandala and art both personally and in her practice. Dreams and Symbology bring a richness to inner work that is far beyond anything else. She writes a regular dream blog on her site and has been interpreting dreams for fifty years. She currently works in private practice in Bridgewater, Virginia.

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