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Retirement: A Financial Workshop

This is a four part course, customized for individuals who are nearing retirement or retired. 1. Focus on Fixed Income: Designed to educate investors on how fixed income investments such as bonds can help them to reach their financial goals. Participants will learn bond characteristics and features, relationship between bond interest rates and bond prices, tax advantages to municipal bonds & how bonds may help investors weather fluctuating markets. 2. Retirement: Making Your Money Last: Attendees will learn investment strategies to help build their own strategy that will last throughout one’s retirement

years. In addition, we'll explore how to address key concerns such as inflation, health care expenses and market volatility. 3. Outsmart the Scammers: The class will discuss how to spot certain red flags that may indicate a fraudulent encounter, resources individuals can turn to in the event they or a loved one are targeted, and steps they can take now to help protect themselves and loved ones. 4. Script Your Family's Future: Why You Need an Estate Plan: This class is designed to help individuals understand the important role of a well-executed estate plan can play in ensuring their strategy remains aligned with their goals. An estate-planning attorney will be present.


As a financial advisor, Josh Defnall is committed to being an advocate for the financial wellbeing of each of my clients. Edward Jones allows him to serve my clients in a personal way, keeping their best interests as my top priority. He works to understand what is most important to the families he serves, and uses an established process to help create realistic goals and implement personalized strategies to help them accomplish those goals. By partnering together, he works to stay on track through all stages of life.

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