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Green Energy Unbiased Pros and Cons

We will analyze the pros and cons of all forms of energy with emphasis on the green/alternative forms. We will attempt to keep away from political discussion but will recognize its impact on policy. We will focus on quantitative/ informational analysis. The purpose is to become better informed and to make clearer personal choices. Energy sources covered will include nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, hydrogen, oil/gas and tidal. Also, time is spent on the personal / household energy use and potential financial savings, the electric grid, energy use by sector, and electric vehicles. I am diverse in my interests and abilities. My degrees are an AAS Science Lab Technologist. BS Management Science, Industrial and Labor relations/marketing, and a MAT in Teaching - Science, math and gender equity .... I am a retired science and math teacher - 24 years. worked as a headhunter for process (chemical), civil and mechanical engineers. on Wall Street as a foreign currency broker. Small business marketing consultant, Textile market research analyst. Manager public works electrical shop, was an office engineer for large water treatment plant. I volunteered as an Emergency Medical Responder for 20 years. I'm married and have a daughter who attended/graduated JMU. My loves and my studies are science (Earth science, energy, biology, chemistry), and nature.

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