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Enneagram: Understanding Nine Ways We Show Up in the World

"The Enneagram is full of wisdom if you want to get out of your own way and become who you were created to be." (Ian Morgan Cron) New to the Enneagram? Curious about your type or why people keep talking about this resource? Have you identified your type and have questions? The Enneagram is a unique personality typing system. In Greek, 'ennea' means nine and 'gram' means diagram. Thus, the Enneagram is a symbol developed around nine points or types. With accuracy and remarkable depth, this resource offers profound insights for greater awareness and growth. Many assessments describe behavior or WHAT you do. The Enneagram helps us understand the WHY - our primary motivations. We'll tap into this remarkable resource for deeper understanding of self and others. This introductory course will focus on a foundational understanding of the Enneagram: the nine types, centers of intelligence, wings, paths, and levels of health. We'll explore the motivations, fears, and core belief for the nine types. Additionally, we will learn each type's orientation to time and stance when relating to others. Throughout the course, we'll discover what this means for relationships, workspaces, families, communities, and more. Each week will be informative, engaging, and interactive. Heidi Hochstetler is a Transformational Life Coach and Integrative Enneagram Practitioner based in Harrisonburg. She is an accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation and Integrative Enneagram Solutions. Additionally, Heidi holds certificates in teaching and training with the Enneagram for individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations. Her engaging approach to coaching invites curiosity, clarity, and compassion. Heidi's private practice, Wholeheartedly You, LLC, serves individuals and groups.

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