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Lessons from Life Transitions

Are you recently retired? A new empty nester? Lost a partner to death or divorce? Experienced a significant change in health? New to the Valley? Our lives are punctuated by these and many other important disruptors that mark a major shift from one life trajectory to another. In this highly interactive workshop, you will reflect on your past life transitions and your overall life path, as well as plan for possible future transitions. Our sessions will not be lecture-based; instead, much of your learning will come from sharing reflections with other class participants in small groups. This course is based on the book Life Is In The Transitions by Bruce Feiler. Reading this book is not required for the class - but if you do read it, I might ask you to co-facilitate! Bill Weech is the father of four perfect children and an aspiring grandfather, with no immediate prospects for the fulfillment of this ambition. Something of a wanderer, Bill has lived in five countries and visited 32 others. In the past he raced bicycles in international competitions and today he enjoys exploring the Shenandoah Valley on two wheels. As a young rebel, Bill dropped out of college at age 19, then later went on to earn a doctorate at age 40 - much to the dismay of his younger self, who remains convinced that he sold out. In his career in management development, Bill endeavored to help leaders and teams achieve their potential. Now semi-retired, Bill teaches management part-time at JMU, volunteers in the community, and - did we mention this? - rides his bicycle around the Valley while waiting for those grandchildren to appear.

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