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The Wonderful World of Insects

Do you enjoy flowers, a good meal or, perhaps, chocolate, but find insects scary, annoying, disgusting, or - perhaps exciting? It is fascinating how much these little creatures contribute to almost every aspect of our existence. We will cover the basics of insect evolution, reproduction, specialist relationships and why we both deplore and love insects. So come explore the astounding habits of insects and their relationships with myriads of other organisms. We guarantee you will never view insects in the same way again! The Extension Master Gardener program consists of horticultural-educated volunteers. These volunteers work in partnership with the local Extension office in their counties to expand educational outreach, providing home gardeners with researched-based information. Keala Timko became an Extension Master Gardener in 2008. A life-long gardener and nature freak, Keala's curiosity leads her into the tunnels of ground nesting wasps and bees, the silk-spun cocoons and chrysalis of moths and butterflies, and the daily lives of what many consider pests, in search of a deeper understanding of our relationship with insects in our gardens.

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