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Executive Seminar on Chemical Security

“Congress has provided the department with a critical new authority to set performance standards that are both sensible and disciplined, allowing owners and operators the flexibility to determine an appropriate mix of security measures at their facility under our supervision and subject to our approval," said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. The new regulation require that chemical facilities fitting certain profiles complete an online risk assessment. Based on the result of that assessment, high-risk facilities will then be required to conduct vulnerability assessments and submit site security plans that meet the department’s performance standards. The Critical Infrastructure Protection - Chemical Industry Security is designed with the new regulations in mind. Participants will gain an increased understanding of the Chemical Industry; the key players, the various facilities, Safety processes, Hazards, and the Supply Chain. The seminar will also provide valuable information on Protecting the chemical industry from terrorist threats and tactics and chemical facility anti-terrorism standards under the new DHS rules.

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