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Executive Seminar on the Medical Preparedness for Disasters (MPD)

With the attacks of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, and more recently the potential for a flu pandemic, Federal, State, and local governments and public and private health care systems increasingly have focused on the ability of the health care system to prepare for and respond to All Hazard events. Executives and Senior Leaders are required to build more preparedness, assessment and crisis management techniques into their contingency operation plans than ever before. What makes this increasingly more difficult is the dynamic of these changing asymmetrical threats.

Recent legislation such as the Pandemic and All-hazard's Preparedness Act and Presidential Directives such as HSPD-18 (Medical Countermeasures Against Weapons of Mass Destruction) have validated the role our Nation's medical and public resources will play as key critical infrastructure in times of calamitous duress. Engaging in planning for medical preparedness and response is now a mandate in the face potential strategic impact events such as those enumerated in the planning scenarios of the National Response Plan.

Medical Preparedness for Disasters (MPD) is focused on teaching Executives and Senior Leaders aspects of deliberate and crisis action medical planning to help their organization enhance its preparedness, response and recovery posture against the full spectrum of all-hazard threats. This seminar is focused on providing specific tools and templates to enhance their medical readiness and contingency planning methods. These tools and templates will be put into action during a mini tabletop exercise (TTX) on a selected National Planning Scenario at the conclusion of the seminar.

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