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National Museum of African American History

Several of our LLI members have requested a return to the National Museum of African American History. Our last visit was in 2018. At that time the demand for tickets caused us a 2 year wait to obtain entry and it was very crowded. Please join us now for a visit to this unique museum. You will enter at street level and pass through security, the museum itself is a self-guided tour. All guests enter the museum Heritage Hall (at Floor Level 1). It is suggested you take escalators (or elevator) downstairs to the lower level, known as the Concourse to begin your tour. The history gallery experience begins in an elevator that will take you to the lowest level of the museum which is below ground where the history exhibits begin and work their way chronologically through the Atlantic slave trade into the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Reconstruction era. You may then access the upper three floors of the history galleries after coming back up to the street level, “Heritage Hall”. You will be able to tour the museum at your leisure and enjoy the day. Your “Dutch Treat” lunch is available on site, in their “Sweet Home Café” located on the Concourse level. You may choose to eat upon arrival, half-way through the tour or after you have completed your tour. Please keep in mind we will plan to meet the Bus at 3 p.m. for our return to Harrisonburg arriving around 5 p.m..

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