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It's Time to Dream Again

Elders all over the globe are saying it’s time to dream again! -Do you think dreams are weird? -Do they frighten you? -Do you have a recurring dream and wonder what it means? -Maybe you don’t dream at all. -Dreams encompass more than you can ever imagine. But how do we understand our dreams and the dreaming time if we are not taught, if dreams do not hold a place in our lives? In my experience, Western society does not encourage us to dig into our dreams, give them a voice, and create practical action. Navigating Through Our Dream World, book and journal by author Judith Dreyer, M.S. introduces you to the Dreamtime from an Aboriginal perspective. We will explore the encompassing aspects of our Dream World with content, exercises, dream sharing, and journaling. You will learn an easy but profound technique to capture your dream's meaning and essence, which will help you create practical action. Be comfortable. Bring your journal. Handouts will be provided. Judith Dreyer, MS, BSN, RN, an international author, has an MS in Human Nutrition and a BS in Nursing. She is the author of the book and blog At the Garden’s Gate. Judith produced and hosted the podcast series Holistic Nature of Us, found on all major platforms. She also produced and co-hosted the podcast series MediMindful Moment for She has just released her second book with a companion journal, Navigating Your Dream World, available on Amazon. Recently transplanted to Virginia, Judith is the facilitator of The Notebooks writing group in Bridgewater and is the treasurer for the Rocktown Writers Guild.

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