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Introduction to Human Design

Based on Eastern and Western astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, and quantum physics. (Wow!), Human Design can be compared to a manual that offers guidance on how to successfully navigate life, detailing our talents, skills, and potential. It offers a map—called the BodyGraph—for actualizing these, and helps us understand how we are designed to engage with the world. The map also identifies areas where we are susceptible to influence and conditioning. We each have a unique design, and this fun, interactive class is based on our own particular designs. Each student will learn to create a chart for themselves or someone else, and will need: Name, date and place of birth, and a reliable birth time. (Such as time on a birth certificate.) Having the 28/38 channel, Anne-Marie Dujany is constitutionally unable to not share the wonderful things that come her way. Raised in Paris, France, she has a multi-cultural background and is bilingual in French and English. Anne- Marie has two grown daughters and five adorable grandchildren. Anne-Marie is an educator who taught in the public schools of New York and Virginia, most recently through UVA’s continuing education program and has studied/experienced/taught/facilitated numerous diversified alternative therapies. Human Design has helped her see almost immediate results in easing struggle, leading to more Grace and ease in her life.

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