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Integrating Life and the Enneagram: A Deeper Exploration for Understanding Self, Others, and the World

This course is developed for individuals with a foundational understanding of the Enneagram and follows the Understanding the Enneagram course well. Take a deeper dive with the nine types of the Enneagram as we explore our living, loving, learning, listening, leading, and even laughing. How do Enneagram insights impact these dynamics in our life? Consider growing our self-awareness, understanding our triggers and blind spots, taking radical responsibility, being curious, expressing appreciation and love, consciously listening, and leading with authenticity and integrity. Through valuable materials, engaging discussions, and interactive activities, we'll notice patterns that emerge, what growth looks like, how we navigate struggles within and overcome obstacles. Understanding that our Enneagram focuses on motivations (our why) instead of behaviors (our what), we will gain greater appreciation for the ways this ancient resource has relevance for us today. Let's be curious together! Heidi Hochstetler is a Transformational Life Coach and Integrative Enneagram Practitioner based in Harrisonburg. She is an accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation and Integrative Enneagram Solutions. Additionally, Heidi holds certificates in teaching and training with the Enneagram for individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations. Her engaging approach to coaching invites curiosity, clarity, and compassion. Heidi's private practice, Wholeheartedly You, LLC, serves individuals and groups locally and worldwide.

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