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American Indian Religion and Resistance

Water seems so common, yet it connects every aspect of life, which is dependent upon this critical material.

While many of us may take water for granted, 1 in 9 (approximately 1 million) people globally lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 (approximately 2 billion) lack access to adequate sanitation. This global crisis is exacerbated by changing weather patterns and the utilization of massive quantities of water for agricultural and industrial uses.

This challenges us all to consider more appropriate and sustainable technologies that may provide for a more even distribution of water, not just among the earth’s peoples but also its landscapes, some of which experience massive flooding and drought in the same year. 

This course will help participants explore the complex issues surrounding water, its availability, and uses on a global scale. We will look at ancient and modern engineering designed for transporting water, water treatment processes, impacts of industrialization and development, concerns about wastewater treatment and solid waste management worldwide, and current global water supply and issues. 

What will it take to protect and sustain this precious resource for future generations?

Ralph Allen retired from the University of Virginia, where he taught courses in Public Health and Analytical Chemistry and served as Associate Vice President for Research.


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