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Back to Basics Gardening Series

Have you ever wondered why some of your gardening ventures have been successful while others failed miserably? Perhaps you are new to gardening and want to develop a plan to get started. Or you may want to branch off into a type of gardening you haven’t tried before. 

This course series is designed as both a refresher for the experienced gardener and to guide the new gardener in best gardening practices. Each class will build knowledge and techniques for the subsequent classes.

Topics include choosing the right plant for the right spot; how to create a microclimate and conduct a soil test; establishing a well-balanced soil foundation with composting and vermiculture; raised bed and container gardening; planning a vegetable garden, growing herbs, and planting fruit-bearing bushes and trees; incorporating edible plants into your landscape, yard, patio, or deck; cultivating and cutting bouquets of flowers from your home garden; and building a subdivision where pollinators and birds can lay their eggs, rear their young, forage, and live. 

* Course registration fee includes soil test, seeds, plants, and other instructional supplies.

Members of the Central Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners Association (CSVMGA) will serve as instructors for this course. The CSVMGA is a diverse group of volunteers who enjoy learning and sharing information about best gardening and conservation practices.

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