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Want to improve your pet, backyard, and wildlife photography? Join us on a five-week wildlife photography adventure. This course provides basic tips about photographing animals, beginning with pets and birds. Class assignments may include taking images of your pets and backyard wildlife such as squirrels or birds. We will also explore ways to take photos of smaller creatures, including bugs and butterflies. 

We will explore ways to use a variety of cameras, including those built into modern smartphones. Finally, we will demonstrate and practice ways to improve, organize, and share our images. 

Toward the end of class, students can participate in an optional field trip to the Virginia Safari Park near Natural Bridge to photograph larger wildlife up close.

* This excursion includes additional costs for entry.

Frank Doherty, a 35-year Rockingham County resident, is an avid photographer, member of the Rocktown Camera Club, and former JMU administrator. He has photographed the local community for more than 20 years, and his photos are displayed in the JMU Admissions Office and at Oakview, which serves as the president's home. Over the years Frank has photographed various animals in a wide variety of settings including his house, his back yard, local farms, national parks, zoos, and aquariums. His teaching focuses on the joy of taking and making beautiful photos. You may view wildlife and pet photos taken by Frank by visiting:


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