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Thrival - Moving Beyond Survival

We are built for survival. Thrival is going to take some extra care and attention. That’s why this overview course is filled with tools and techniques to soothe the body and mind and help address our diminished executive function and overwrought nervous systems. 

Gathering, connecting, and practicing together allows us to help each other regulate, break out of old patterns, and create new solutions to the incredible challenges of our time. Over six weeks, you’ll learn ways to tune in and tune up, making adjustments to improve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

Woven through each session you will experience live music segments that feature flute, drums, guitar, gongs, and more as a recurring vehicle for transformation. Everything is optional and framed as invitations. This highly adaptive course allows for all needs and abilities and encourages individual adaptation. Explore recreational drumming, voice, gentle movement, evidence-based mindfulness practices, group discussion, and more as you develop simple everyday tools for wellness and thrival!

Michael Deaton is a performer, teacher, and professional facilitator who has dedicated more than 20 years to using musical tools and expressive arts to empower people and help them create their own positive transformations. He enjoys building community and promoting wellness through rhythm, creativity, and mindfulness and delights in making learning fun.

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