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Science: The Good, The Bad, and The Better

As much as we turn to science for knowledge, it is important for science to provide the best information we can obtain. This course looks at science with admiration for its strengths and aspiration for how it must be better than it has been. The process, the practitioners, and the politics of science are explored to reflect how scientific inquiry can become all that we believe it should be. Influences from history, gender, and culture are examined. Through a critique of science from its roots in the Enlightenment through the challenges of feminism and debates that arise through interdisciplinary conversations, we find guideposts toward an inclusive and sustainable scientific process.

This course is designed to welcome participants without regard to their scientific background. Science is an essential bedrock of public trust and its future matters to experts and non-experts, alike. Everyone has a relationship with science and everyone is affected by science. Course instructors encourage all participants to join them in making these personal connections. Insights are introduced through selected videos, texts, and class reflections.

Louise Temple holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. As a Professor of Integrated Science and Technology at JMU, she has led the Viral Discovery Program, wherein undergraduate students work to find, name, and characterize new viruses. Her collaborations with scientists have been international and innovative. 

Rhonda Zingraff holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. Before retiring from JMU, she was Associate Dean for the College of Health and Behavioral Studies. She also served as Head of Sociology and Social Work at Meredith College in Raleigh.

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