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Celebrated scientist. Civil rights advocate. Pop culture icon.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was not only an iconic figure during his lifetime but he remains arguably the most widely-known and admired scientist today.

Named by Time magazine as the most significant person of the twentieth century, Einstein continues to fascinate us more than 60 years after his death.

His face is instantly recognizable, the wild white hair signifying free thought and nonconformity. His unconventional views and daring predictions, some confirmed a century after being originally theorized, forever changed our understanding of time, light, gravity, and the universe.

But just who was the person behind these big ideas?

This course explores the life, genius, and legacy of the scientist who changed how space and time are viewed and influenced virtually all modern physics.

We will explore Einstein's radical thoughts, radical politics, and unsettled private life as we uncover how he became the symbol and embodiment of genius and history's most beloved scientist.

Bill Ingham grew up near the south shore of Lake Erie, in the snowy Concord grape-growing region of western New York. He attended college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His graduate work was in astrophysics. He was a faculty member at JMU for 34 years, teaching courses in physics, astronomy, the Honors Program, and the history of science. Bill has taught several LLI courses since 2011.

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