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S20C12 Music as a Tool for Wellness

In this new workshop you will learn simple tools and takeaways to better help you deal with life's daily challenges and joys. Expect to share conversation, to relax, to make rhythm, to learn a little about musical instruments from around the world, and to have FUN and experience JOY together.

It all begins with the breath. I'll teach you breathing techniques proven effective and taught by the U.S. military. We'll delve into a bit of neurology and brain chemistry as you learn simple tools to help you change how you feel in any situation, like rhythmic breathing and symmetrical bilateral stimulation in the form of rhythmic tapping. We'll learn to make music together using found sounds around your home (and musical instruments too if you have them, but they're not required).

This workshop has been redesigned to fit current needs and a videoconferencing format. There will be screen breaks included in the class where we're doing activities that don't require you to stare at the screen. There will be times where you are encouraged to use the tools you've learned and move around the room (if you're able) and times where you're invited to lie down comfortably.

There will even be good old-fashioned conversation and small group activities, utilizing Zoom's breakout room feature to allow time for community building and deeper connection between participants. Other times you'll be invited to relax comfortably as you experience intentional sound in the form of relaxing soundscapes created with gongs, metal and crystal bowls, chimes, and more. After the class you'll also have continuing free access to relaxing recorded music and other resources I'll provide.

No musical experience or special skills are required! Join me and learn about tools to help you cope, flourish, and learn to develop the neuroplasticity for better emotional resilience and better daily life.

Mike Deaton is a musician and facilitator with over 20 years of experience. His interactive programs and fun teaching style promote JOY over technique. Mike has dedicated his life to using musical tools and expressive arts to empower people and help them create their own positive transformations.

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