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Motivational Interviewing for Home Visitors - Roanoke

Motivational Interviewing is a way of communicating with people that will help increase their likelihood to change problematic behavior. Part of the premise of Motivational Interviewing is that everyone has the capacity to lead a healthy and productive life, and to make healthy changes. This Motivational Interviewing introductory workshop will offer a basic level of information on the fundamental spirit, principles and methods of Motivational Interviewing (MI). The format of the workshop will be interactive in nature, and participants will have the opportunity to directly observe, experience, and practice basic MI skills. Motivational Interviewing believes in treating others with respect and high regard. Learning Objectives 1. Define MI as a provider style rather than a set of techniques 2. Describe at least two assumptions behind an MI approach 3. Identify the Stages of Change and related behaviors 4. Define the 4 principles of MI 5. Discuss the meaning of OARS and demonstrate skill in each component 6. Demonstrate skill at providing neutral personalized feedback

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