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Paper Mill Operations Certificate

Paper Mill Operations Certificate

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who seek entry-level operator's job in a paper mill. There are hundreds of paper mills in the United States. There are very few institutions in the country that provide training for entry-level workers for pulp and paper mills.

Paper mills are operated by highly skilled process operators. In a paper mill, usually there are three or four operational levels. This course is designed to prepare a person to apply for an entry-level job. Once a person is employed, he/she moves up the ladder by acquiring experience.

Nature of Course This course is designed to be very user friendly. If you know enough about computing to use email, you can take this course easily over the Internet. This is a totally web-based course. That means you can participate in the course at any time and from any location. You can also work at your own pace.

It is an interactive course. Many modules contain graphical simulations and animations to enhance the learning process. The course delivers some fairly complex concepts in an easy to learn format. Since you are in total control of the course delivery, you can go over the course material a number of times to improve the learning process.


Grade 12

Learning Outcomes

This is a comprehensive course designed to provide necessary information on many subjects to entry-level workers. A list of modules is provided in this document. A review of the list will indicate the subjects covered in this course.

Expected Seat Time to Complete (hours)

240 hours

Program Duration (days) 400 hours. Each course is valid for a given number of days. After the given time limit, the course is no longer available to the student. Therefore, students need to plan their work to ensure they finish the course in time. Usually, the allowed duration is three times as long as the expected necessary time. This allows students to work freely at their own pace, including no work for a few weeks, and still finish the course. There is no refund for expired courses.

List of Modules

Each of the modules contains Learning Outcomes and an online test.

Module Code Module Name
Safety1000 Basic Safety
Hazcom1000 Basic Hazard Communication
LockoutTagout1000 Basic Lockout-Tagout
Math1000 Math 1000: Basic Math 1
Math2000 Math 2000: Basic Math 2
Math2500 Math2500: Basic Math 3
PhysicsApplied1000 Applied Physics 1
PhysicsApplied2000 Applied Physics 2
PhysicsApplied2500 Applied Physics 3
HeatExchangers1000 Heat Exchangers
Lubrication2000 Lubrication and Bearings
Electricity1000 Electrical Safety
Electricity2000 Electricity for Operators and Technicians
Valves 1000 Industrial Valves
CompressedAir2000 Compressed Air
ProcessControl1000 How to Read Process Drawings
ProcessControl3000 Basic Process Instrumentation and Control
Pumps1000 Pump Fundamentals
Pumps2000 Centrifugal Pumps - Operation
PulpPaper1000 Introduction to Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
PulpPaper4000 Wet End Operations 1
PulpPaper4500 Wet End Operations 2
PulpPaper4600 Dry End Operations
PulpPaper4800 Winder Operations
PulpPaper5000 Environment Protection

Maximum Access to Each of the Modules

During the duration of the course, you can access each of the modules a limited number of times (15 times). Also, each time you access a module; you can go over and repeat the subject matter many times. If the computer is left idle for an excessive time, the communication system will terminate your log-in status.

Maximum Access to Each of the Tests (for each module)

You are required to take a module test only one time. However, to allow for mishaps (communication problems, etc.), the system allows you to take the test three times. If you take a test more than one time, the highest score is recorded.


Tests are scored on a 0-100% scale. Using this score the grade may be calculated according the organization's policies.

How to Take the Course once you are Enrolled

You will be given a Student-Code. Log in into the system by using this code. The course may consist of a number of modules. You are required to go through each of the modules and take the online test. After you have taken tests for all of the modules, ask institution to provide you with a transcript and a certificate.

Online Help

Send an email to the following email address. Your email must include your name, course name, phone number, and detailed description of the problem. The instructor will usually respond to you within two working days.

Equipment Required
  1. An ordinary PC (Pentium III or better)
  2. 56K or better modem - We design most of our instruction pages to download in less than 10 seconds; Some of the graphics-heavy pages may take as much as 20 seconds.
  3. Macromedia Flash Player. Almost all of the PCs (since 2003) come equipped with this Flash Player. If your computer does not have it, you can download it for free from

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