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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

This course will address three main topic areas of RFID implementation in an organization. The hardware involved with a RFID implementation is covered including tag design, function, characteristics and standards. Generation 1 as well as Generation 2 tags and their features and differences are explained. RFID readers are discussed, including design and working principle, reader commands (featuring the currently popular Kill command), and “smart readers”. In the second part of the Hardware section, antennas are discussed. Antenna design, polarity, use and space configurations for different RFID solutions (featuring portals and tunnels) are explored and demonstrated. This section includes practical exercises on antenna patterns. This section also covers printers and slap-and-ship options for mandated compliance. DATA MANAGEMENT: This section discusses the role of RFID middleware, edgeware, and the IT infrastructure necessary for a successful RFID implementation. The use of RFID technology is to capture and present actionable data. RFID by design captures large amounts of data, which has to be appropriately handled to produce information that is usable to the business. This section also includes the standards under development to share and protect the data across enterprises, customers and suppliers, which are included in the EPC ecosystem. IMPLEMENTING A RFID SOLUTION: In this section, a scientific approach to implementation planning is covered, including how to conduct and document site surveys to develop a blueprint for a RFID installation. A systematic step-by-step guide to a RFID site survey is presented. Real world applications and their issues are discussed, including setting baselines and troubleshooting techniques.

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