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S18C9 The Shroud of Turin: An Enduring Mystery

This course will explore the object known as the shroud of Turin and believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The course is divided into five sessions: 1) Introduction to the shroud of Turin and some of the prominent researchers, 2) Science encounters the shroud, initial findings deepen the mystery, 3) History of the shroud, analyzing the gaps and conjectures, 4) Skeptics and Image Formation, and 5) Conclusions and Future Studies.

Instructor: Ray Schneider first encountered the Shroud of Turin at a religious retreat in 1962 where he attended a presentation using the 1931 Enrie photographs. He became a serious student of the Shroud of Turin about 1976 when the three dimensional characteristics were discovered. He is a moderator and member of the Shroud Science Group which is an on-line international community of scientists, historians, archeologists and other serious investigators who research the Shroud. Dr. Schneider holds a B.S. in Physics, most of an M.S. in Physics, an M.S. in Engineering Science and a Ph.D. in Information Technology.

Suggested Reading: "Report on the Shroud of Turin" by John H. Heller, "The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ?" by Ian Wilson, "The Shroud of Turin: First Century after Christ!" by Giulio Fanti, and Pierandrea Malfi.


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