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Rightsizing Your Relationship with Your Stuff!

Is all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years “holding you hostage”? Is it because you don’t know where (or how) to begin downsizing?

If you answered “YES” to both questions, you need to attend this workshop which is designed for folks whose “stuff is keeping them from moving into an uncluttered future”. Sharing tips from his 30+ years as an Asset Transfer Advisor, the instructor will teach you a simple 6-Step Approach for downsizing your personal property. Following a study guide handout, you will learn how each of the 6-Steps can help you develop a healthy and positive attitude in approaching (and completing) your downsizing challenge. In addition to leaving the workshop with a downsizing study guide, you will be rewarded with a new outlook and relationship with your “stuff”.

CHUCK BOLES, with over 50 years’ experience as an Asset Transfer Consultant, has helped countless families navigate the stormy waters of downsizing. Chuck’s creative approach to
downsizing combines his years of experience as a corporate negotiator, business coach and Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator. His approach to helping folks calmly unclutter their future is best reflected in his motto of ‘Creating Peaceful Handshakes!’

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