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Kundalini Yoga for ANY Body

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of transformation. It builds not only our bodies but also our intuitive mind. It regenerates and balances energy within the body to help us deepen our "inner knowing" so that we may live and act more fully with conscious awareness. In this class, we'll learn about and practice the building blocks of Kundalini Yoga. We'll explore how to modify exercises and postures to best suit individual bodies. Sacred sound is always incorporated into class, along with time for deep rest. Most people find a Kundalini Yoga class unlike any other yoga class they've ever experienced--however no previous experience with any yoga is necessary. All are invited. Students are asked to wear comfortable clothing and bring yoga mats, props, and blankets, if possible. Chairs will be provided.

Dass Priya Kaur/Jennifer Perry is a certified Kundalini Yoga Level I teacher, as well as a certified teacher of Radiant Child Yoga. She has completed her Master Level III Reiki training and is pursuing further study in both yoga and various healing modalities.

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