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Trip to Mount Vernon

Join us as we travel to the lovely estate of President and Mrs. George Washington, Mount Vernon. The American landmark and former plantation of Founding Father, Commander of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War and first President of the United States George Washington and his wife Martha is located on a majestic hillside overlooking the Potomac River. Upon our arrival your schedule will be your own. Please explore the grounds and gardens, taking in all of the outbuildings, the gravesite of President and Mrs. Washington and all the beauty of the estate and enjoy a "Dutch treat" lunch at the lovely café. Everyone must meet promptly at 2:00 PM in the area designated for our timed ticket entry to tour the Washington's home. The interior of the home has undergone several renovations during the past couple of years and the exterior facing the river will have completed an extensive renovation this April. We invite you to spend a day with us enjoying Mount Vernon.
There is active walking on uneven paths and up and down hillsides as well as climbing steps inside the home.

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