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Historic Jamestowne

Come along as we return to Jamestown. This trip will finally take us to see "Historic Jamestowne" as we had hoped to do in 2020! The Association for the Preservation of the Virginia Antiquities (now Preservation Virginia) acquired 22.5 acres on Jamestown Island in 1893 to protect the site of the original James Fort. Twenty years of exploration have established the location of the fort and principal buildings and recovered over 1.5 million artifacts. We will have a private guided tour of the project that has rewritten our understanding of the early settler's daily life, purpose and struggle to establish their place in this new land. After the tour, you may enjoy lunch in the Café at the site and continue to explore on your own to view the ongoing archaeological sites and/or visit the museum. Please wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. It is highly recommended that you bring insect repellant as we will be on an island surrounded by water and marshes. Please remember to bring your National Park Pass!
There is active walking up to two miles in uneven paths.

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