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Supply Chain Analytics

Recent supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance of data-driven and efficient supply chain management practices. Having a strong understanding of supply chain analytics will provide a competitive advantage in the job market, as employers seek individuals who can effectively analyze and improve their supply chain operations. With the increasing use of technology and data in the supply chain industry, the demand for professionals with expertise in this area is expected to grow according to industry experts. In response to this critical need, JMU's College of Business and School of Professional & Continuing Education partner to offer a non-credit certificate program on Supply Chain Analytics. Content is delivered by CoB faculty members.

Program Takeaways:

  • Learn how to capture, clean, upload, and access supply chain data using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  • Leverage data visualization tools to develop supply chain dashboards.
  • Compare supply chain network member performances and identify supplier performance improvement opportunities.
  • Utilize supply chain metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop forecasting skills to improve the accuracy and reliability of supply chain decisions regarding inventory levels and sustainability efforts
  • Employ geospatial information to gain supply chain advantages in speed-to-market and cost efficiency.

The program will be 100% online and mostly asynchronous. Expect about 3-4 hours of interaction with three different instructors each week for six weeks. The 3-4 hours of synchronous interaction each week will take place at a convenient time for everyone, most likely in the evenings, to accommodate full-time jobs or internships. The instructors will send out a survey to the cohort to identify the specific times about a week before the classes start.

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