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Six Sigma - Black Belt

Six Sigma black belts are the heavyweights of process improvement. They are the direct managers of most Six Sigma projects. This course teaches all of the skills necessary for successful leadership of a Six Sigma project. Six Sigma Black Belts generate an average of more than two-hundred thousand dollars per project of savings and new net revenue. Each Black Belt can lead 3-5 projects per year. Participants in this course are required to bring a real project from their company to the class (we can help with project selection). The students will apply the knowledge and tools developed each class to their chosen project. By the end of the course, the participants will have created a real Six Sigma solution for their organization. The real gains from this singular project are usually vastly greater than the cost of the course itself. A one year license of Minitab 14 statistical software will be included with this course. Certification will be awarded upon completion of the course, final exam performance, and completion of a Six Sigma project.

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