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Six Sigma - Executive Overview

You will discover how your company can be highly competitive, better then world-class, and grow stronger without having to lose jobs and market share. Six Sigma is utilized to drive business process improvement and consistency. It is an analytical toolbox transformed into the business philosophy that strives for business excellence and customer satisfaction. Many companies (GE, Motorola, Allied Signal, Bank of America.) agree they have benefited more from application of 6 sigma-type methods to business process improvement than to technical and/or manufacturing processes. Who should attend?

  1. What is different about Six Sigma?
  2. Is Six Sigma right for your organization?
  3. What is your role in this deployment?
  4. What will be ROI?
  5. Some of the misperceptions about Six Sigma.
  6. What is the best way to implement Six Sigma?
  7. Is Six Sigma about competitiveness, productivity, and bottom-line?
  8. Can Six Sigma help with the top-line?
  9. Six Sigma's Rigorous Five-Step Process.
  10. Six Sigma infrastructure and cultural change.
  11. Does being better cost less?

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