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3D Graphics Development

3D Graphics Development

This two-course pack offers an incredible inside look at the foundations of 3D graphics engine development for games and related simulations. It is our most highly recommended package if you are already an experienced C++ programmer and wish to get started making games. You will cover intermediate and advanced programming techniques and develop reusable tools and classes to serve as the backbone of your own game engine.

Graphics Programming with DirectX 9 - Module I

This DirectX9 Graphics Programming course was specifically designed to be the first course that a student takes at Game Institute following their C++ training. It represents the beginning of the core training you will receive here at Game Institute as you study to become a professional game developer. Although this is a targeted as a beginner/intermediate level course, even if you have some previous 3D graphics experience, you are likely to encounter a significant amount of useful information and learn some new techniques along the way.

What are some of the topics we will study in this course?
In Module I you will begin a detailed exploration of the basic features of the DirectX Graphics fixed-function pipeline. You will learn how to use each of the features individually and then in combination to render complex 3D scenes. The course will begin with an examination of all the 3D mathematics that you'll need for most of this series, so you can get started right away after your C++ training is complete. Then you'll learn how to create your own software transformation and rendering pipeline to ensure that you have a good understanding of the basics. From that point forward you will begin using the DirectX API to render your 3D scenes.

The topics discussed include:
Graphics Programming with DirectX 9 - Module II

Now that you have a good grasp of the basics after finishing Module I in this series, it is time to tackle more challenging subject matter. In this DirectX9 programming course you will start building a more robust set of 3D graphics technologies utilizing the features of the DirectX Graphics fixed-function pipeline as well as proprietary non-platform specific tools. Along the way you will implement a number of exciting core components for use in your games (dynamic scene hierarchies, animated game characters, beautiful trees, a powerful collision detection/response system, and much more) as well as some helpful tools to aid in the game design process. This is a very large course and covers these topics with a level of detail you simply will not find anywhere else. As such it is going to require a real commitment from you to want to develop the best possible engine you can.

After completing this DirectX9 programming course, you will have created a powerful set of foundation tools upon which to build. And this is exactly what you are going to do in a series of targeted workshops that walk you through the design and construction of your own real-time 3D game engine. Your final engine will include support for all of the features that are on display in modern games: global illumination models, vertex and pixel shaders, bump and environment mapping, real-time shadows, particle systems, and many other very advanced effects. So Module II is a firm pre-requisite for students who intend to continue with the engine and tools design workshops.

The topics discussed include:

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