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Celts, Romans and Irish Monks

This course looks at the diversity of Celtic tribal societies that existed in England and Ireland in the late centuries BC. We will consider the impact of the Roman conquest prior to its abrupt end circa 400 AD, subsequent invasions by the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, and the rise of what came to be known as the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. While paganism characterized the early warring kingdoms of Britain, Christianity took root in Ireland and influenced the social, religious, and economic nature of Celtic tribes on that Island. The role of Irish and Roman monks in Christianizing the Anglo Saxons will also be considered.

Clarence Geier is a retired Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at JMU. A historical archaeologist, he and his students have worked at numerous Civil War battlefields in Virginia. Dr. Geier is the senior editor of five books on the archaeology of military sites and the historical archaeology of the American Civil War.

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